The Saga of Jonathan Volsung: New writing & Old

Welcome to my corner of the web.

The Saga of Jonathan Volsung is the working title of a novel which may, or may not, be completed in my lifetime. When I’m procrastinating and not working on the novel or various short story preludes to it, I might update this site with details about The Saga of Jonathan Volsung. If all is going well, there won’t be many updates.

So much for the new writing.

As for the old writing: for almost a decade I worked with my friend John Howell on various websites, first and then In that time we wrote a lot of articles, reviews and critical analyses of SF and Fantasy novels, movies and TV series. Those sites have fallen by the wayside, in part because we have other writing projects to work on. Many of the articles we wrote were of some interest to others, and to maintain any links to those articles, some of them are republished here.

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